Amwoodo Eco Products

Amwoodo Eco-Products Pvt. Ltd started in the year 2019 with a core vision to lead sustainable manufacturing by offering bamboo-first products that empower individuals and communities to make eco-friendly choices. It contributes to the more vibrant future of our upcoming generations. It can help India to become a plastic-free country. Bamboo can be found in various regions across India such as Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Odisha, West Bengal, Jharkhand etc. These places have significant Bamboo resources.

However, Bamboo is an essential part of India’s culture and environment. It also adds economic value to India. There are a huge number of products that can be made with Bamboo such as toothbrushes, Combs, Shaving razors, Tissue rolls, Facial Tissue, Skin and Hair Care products, Slippers, Cups and many more including the building materials.

We all know that through Rainmatter (by Zerodha), Nithin Kamath invests mostly in promising environment-friendly startups and helps entrepreneurs scale their businesses.

Exploring the Versatility of Bamboo with Amwoodo

“I thought one of the biggest use case for bamboo was to replace plastic in everyday items like toothbrushes, combs, etc. But when I met Agni from @Amwoodo, I was surprised to learn that bamboo has a higher tensile strength than steel.” – Shared on X (Formerly Twitter).

As you can see, Nithin is quite surprised with the use cases of Bamboo. After talking with Agni Mitra from Amwoodo, he learned a lot about bamboo and all the different things they can make from it.

Unlocking the Environmental and Economic Potential of Bamboo

Now let’s talk about the environmental and economic potential of Bamboo in brief:

  • Bamboo offers strength and durability comparable to steel. It can reduce the steel usage in various ways.
  • It can help in the fight against land degradation, valuable for restoring barren lands.
  • Bamboo tree requires minimal water, fertilizer and other chemical products for its growth.
  • Cultivating Bamboo trees provides income opportunities for farmers, particularly those with barren lands and helps with negative environmental issues.
  • It supports the livelihoods of farmers and artisans by providing various employment opportunities.

Amwoodo’s Social Impact Initiatives in Action

Amwoodo aimed at empowering farmers and artisans through reskilling and revolutionizing farming.

  • Amwoodo provides credit facilities to eliminate financial barriers.
  • It is promoting sustainability in agriculture.
  • Preparing artisans with modern technical skills to adapt to market changes.
  • It supplies cutting-edge machinery for better productivity.
  • Last but not least, it is giving a new life to the old crafts for economic sustainability.

Partnering with Rainmatter Climate

Amwoodo and Rainmatter Climate have joined hands to fight climate change and reduce plastic waste. The partnership between the two organizations intends to address these global issues more effectively and make a significant contribution towards creating a sustainable future for all. By collaborating, they are hoping to make a positive impact in preserving the environment for future generations.


Amwoodo leads sustainable manufacturing with Bamboo-first products for a better environment and economic stability by showcasing its potential to replace steel and combat land degradation. Amwoodo harnesses bamboo’s potential for a greener, better prosperous tomorrow. We should avoid using plastic because it’s harmful to the environment. Instead, we can use bamboo products, which is a better alternative. By making this choice, we can help protect the environment and make a positive impact on society.

By Mahammad Sakil Ansari

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