How Is India’s Fantasy Gaming Industry Growing?

We Indians are born with the ability to make decisions. But that’s not just based on how much we like or dislike something. Instead, we look at how things have been done in the past and then figure out what happened. This is when it becomes clear that they are playing fantasy games. We only need to judge and back people.

After that, we can’t do anything else. People often think that fantasy gaming is Gambling, though judges have said many times that these games are not gambling. Also, since apps like Dream 11 came out, Fantasy Gaming in India has become very popular and is now worth billions of dollars.

Even here, Cricket is more important than any other sport, so most Fantasy games in India are based on Cricket. You might think, “What is Fantasy Gaming?” How does it work? Why isn’t it like Gambling, and most importantly, is it hard to stop doing? In this blog, we’ll answer all your questions with facts that make sense.

What is Fantasy Gaming?

The one that is played online is Fantasy Gaming. Here, people make their imaginary teams and choose real-life players to be on them. It’s important to remember that a participant’s win or loss is based on how the people he or she picked did. Now, if you finish in the top 50% of players, the money will surely be sent to your account.

Essentially, you would be in charge of the virtual team you made, like a boss or coach. You can choose, drop, or trade any of your players, but you have to do it before the game starts. If you don’t, you’ll have to choose before the game starts. Also, you must pay at least a certain amount to join the game.

How Does This Plan Work?

Since Cricket is India’s most common dream sport, we’ll talk about the whole process through this lens.

  • If you like Cricket, you will participate in noticing how good you are and how much you know. To do this, you must make your virtual team by choosing real-life stars to replace Rohit Sharma or MS Dhoni.
  • You can’t pick all players from the same team when making the team, so keep that in mind. The thing you must do is choose people from both teams. You must choose at least 4 and no over than 7 players from a single team.
  • Now, the most talented players would be at the top of the register, and you would have to reward a lot to obtain them on your side.
  • You can join the game for as little as fifty rupees or as much as tens of thousands of rupees.
  • Even though you have the power to change things about your players, you can only do so before the game starts.
  • The order of the players in the ranking is based on how well their virtual teams did during the event.
  • Don’t forget that how well your team does depends on how well your players do on the field.

Is Fantasy Gaming Addicting?

It is hard to stop playing Fantasy Gaming! If you play it, you might get stuck because they play mind games here. The fact that it makes people addicted is because of the Ego they sell. Low barriers to entry and high barriers to leaving are big reasons.

Ego Factor:

Your Ego will always come out on top whether you win or lose. If you play a match and win, you will immediately feel good about yourself because you did well. You’d want to keep playing and making more money. On either hand, if you play and lose, knowing that you lost a game because of your abilities and expertise would challenge you to play again! Since they hurt your Ego, you will do everything possible to win.

Low Entry And High Exit Barriers:

I guess nowhere, so the low price makes you want to join even if you don’t care if you win or lose. This low barrier to entry makes people want to join. When you reach the gates at the exit, you just don’t leave. Because you have exhausted so much time on it, if you win, that joyful hormone will make you stay, and if you lose, the truth that you’ve been making it for so long will make you try harder to get back what you lost.

Fantasy Gaming Is Not Gambling.

Before we can understand this, we require to recognize what Gambling is. Gambling is described as betting, playing, or doing something that is a “Game of Luck” and not a “Game of Skill” to obtain money or something else by putting your money on the line.

Fantasy Gaming requires planning, critical skills, and knowledge of the player’s past to win. Only after weighing these things do you know if you will win or lose, putting the “Fortune Factor” out of the picture. Still, even though it’s not true, many people think that Fantasy Gaming is nothing but Gambling.

In India, it has even been given “legal status.” Someone from Rajasthan sent a letter saying that Dream 11 isn’t anything but Gambling. The petitioner also said they use dream games to trick people and shouldn’t be allowed in India.

But the Rajasthan High Court turned down the plea because the Punjab, Haryana, and Bombay High Courts had already ruled on the same case. Despite the Supreme Court saying that Fantasy Games were right.

The fact that Dream 11 was compared to Gambling hurt its reputation, but the problem was fixed when it worked with MS Dhoni. They started their advertising efforts with the words “Khelo Dimag se,” which shows what Fantasy games are like.

Growth of Fantasy Games

India is seeing a huge rise in fantasy gaming. India has 13 crore players, making it the fastest-growing fantasy game market. In 2020, this market was worth about 20 billion INR. By 2025, this number is expected to reach 50 billion INR. Many people in India can use the technology, making it easier for these games to be popular.

Even though many apps offer fantasy games, Dream 11 is the first thing we think of when we hear the phrase fantasy gaming. Since it began, the company has grown wonderfully. It has over 140 million users and is India’s most rapidly expanding fantasy site. It was recently estimated to be worth $8 billion. They have made more than 2000 crores in sales.

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